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2018 Steinway Piano Competition

Results & Winners Concert Details Below

2018 Steinway Piano Competition

First let me say THANK YOU for a successful Steinway Piano Competition. The students performed fabulously. They were all very professional in every way and are a great example of good teaching and parental support. I hope you are as pleased as we are in the competition.

Here are the results.....

Division I - 

Winner - Brandon Shin - Studio of Tatiana Kasman 

Honorable Mention - Samantha Coplan - Studio of Lauren Jackson Coplan

Honorable Mention - Annsley Borders - Conservatory of Annie Moses

Division II

Winner - Carrissa Shuxteau - Studio of Valeria Middleton

Honorable Mention - Caleb Park - Studio of Li Li

Honorable Mention - Isabel Jones - Studio of Connie Schweigert

Division III

Winner - Sean Yang - Studio of Dr.Yukiko Whitehead

2nd place - Joshua Stanczak - Studio of Sharon Stanczak

3rd place - Luke Turner - Studio of Heather Conner

Honorable Mention - Savannah Howard - Studio of R. Shinn

Honorable Mention - Python Chen - Studio of Heather Conner

Please join us next week on Saturday, June 23 at 3:00pm for the winners concert. Bring your family and friends as we listen and recognize these wonderful students.


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