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The Steinway Society of Nashville is the not-for-profit arm of Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville. Steiwnay Piano Gallery of Nashville is a four generation old company that has been family owned and operated since 1929 and serving Nashville since 1989. With over 88 years of family owned and operated business experience, Steinway Piano Gallery is poised to serve the musical ommunity in Middle Tennessee for many years to come.

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Along with promoting the performance of great live music the Society seeks to raise money for scholarships for students to study piano in Tennessee through the Nashville International Piano Competition. Find out more about the competition and how you can help by visiting:

Mission Statement

THE STEINWAY SOCIETY OF NASHVILLE (and KNOXVILLE) is composed of like-minded people from all walks of life joined together to promote musical understanding and appreciation among themselves and others.

Each meeting is designed to promote thoughtful listening, discussion and eflection about music, the related arts, and history and literature as well. The Society also seeks to promote awareness of varied opportunities for musical enrichment. Neither ownership of a piano nor ability to play is necessary for membership.

Members believe music provides beauty and satisfaction far beyond mere entertainment. Music is a critical necessity to a life well lived and a vital component in the growth and development of human character.

Members of the Society seek to better understand how great music is created and how to more fully enjoy the variety of fine music that is available.

The Society provides knowledgeable and interested people unique opportunities to hear and discuss great music. Members include both music professionals and non-professionals who love music. Members of the Society believe that each can learn from the other.

The Society fosters and promotes ways to help people, children and adults alike, realize the importance of music to our being, and to make quality music of all kinds (whether classical, jazz, rock, blues, country, or music of other styles or cultures) an integral, cherished part of their lives.

It is well known that music has the power to mend schisms and soothe the troubled heart, to build bridges rather than walls, and to transcend the boundaries of human divisions. It is appropriate then that The Steinway Society should seek ways to encourage and support the universality of the musical experience, including the patronage of worthy musical endeavors.

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