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Events & Education

We often host concerts by various local and sometimes international musicians as well as educational programs. For information about upcoming events subscribe to our email list. We will also provide eductional programs for university music departments across the state. Examples of events include "Anatomy of a Piano" and "Secrets of Steinway." 

Steinway Recital Hall

Our 125-seat recital hall has been available to instructors and performers since 2003. The hall will contain one Steinway concert grand or Steinway semi concert grand. A kitchen area will also be available for serving refreshments. Call 615-373-5901 early to reserve your date.

Tuning & Technical

Our highly skilled staff of professional technicians are available to provide all warranty services on grands and uprights. We also provide tuning, voicing, regulation, and digital piano services in your home.

Call 615-373-5901 for availability.

Rebuilding & Refinishing

With a newly built state of the art tech shop, our seasoned technicians now have even more space and tools to repair or refurbish every aspect of your piano. Areas of service include string replacement, soundboard repair, full action rebuilds, pin block replacement, and even key-top replacement. With our expansion we are also able to repair and refinish your piano, restoring the entire look of the piano even down to the bench. Call us to see if your finish qualifies.

Call 615-373-5901 for information and availability.

Player Pianos

Our licensed technician can install a modern player system on your grand or upright piano. QRS PNOmation playback integrates with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and access to hundreds of hours of music.


We can provide an appraisal of your instrument. During the appraisal process we carefully examine the condition of the instrument's technical components such as the strings, the soundboard, the action, and the finish. This examination subsequently provides a basis to determine the approximate market value of the instrument. The age of the respective model, its original and current purchase price, as well as the market situation all play a substantial role in determining its value. With those details, we will be able to assess the instruments value in its current state, as well as a replacement value you can use for insurance purposes.

To inquire about an official appraisal, call 615-373-59011.

Selling Your Piano & Consignment

If you have a piano you would like to sell, please call our office, 615-373-5901.

Delivery and Moving

Our professional delivery staff represent over 40 years of delivery experience assuring you a safe and "uneventful" delivery of your new piano or digital piano.

Piano Rental

We maintain a selection of Steinway and Steinway-designed grand and upright pianos to rent for special occasions and events.  

Call 615-373-5901 for reservations.

Allen Organ Partnership

Allen Organs of Tennessee is a locally owned and operated division of the Steinway Piano Gallery-Nashville which serves middle and east Tennessee along with parts of Kentucky, Virginia, and North Carolina. The Allen Organ Company has been building fine church organs for more than 70 years. During this period, the company has installed more than 80,000 instruments in over 70 countries on all seven continents, making Allen the world’s favorite organ builder. More details at

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